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My Account

This is my account answer here. This is my account answer here. This is my account answer here. This is my account answer here.

Find the “Forget password” option in the login page. On clicking the option, a page will appear asking for your email and contact number. After you filled up the form with proper details we will send you a security code, which can be used to login into your account and reset your password.

Try logging in once again using email and password. If it does not work than try getting the security code using “Forget password” option. If it still does not form than fillup the “Contact form” and we will contact you or get in touch directly using “Contact Us” options.

My Order

Go to “Track order” option present in the top of the page, above the Mepstock logo. Enter your tracking ID in the form given and thus you can track your order. The tracking ID will be provided to you while you have placed your order.

We will send you an email and SMS for the confirmation of your order. You can also check your order details in “My Order” option present in “My Account” page.

You can change your delivery address anytime before the order is packed and dispatched. You can check for packing and dispatching details of your order in the “Track order” option present on the top of the page. Extra charges will be asked if you attempt to change the delivery address after the order is dispatched.

You cannot order the product at that particular moment but you can fill up the option saying “Inform me when the product is available” and we contact you through email or phone when the product will be in stock.

You can cancel the order before it reaches the shipped state. You can cancel your order in the “My order” option or you can contact us to cancel your order.

Shipping / Courier

We deliver your order through reputed and partnered courier providers. You will be provided with a tracking number so that you can know when your order is packed, dispatched and will be delivered to you. We have insurance policies for your orders so  that if there any theft or damage cases you don’t have to face any trouble.

Our seller’s follows proper packaging standards provided by Mepstock. They generally use waterproof plastic wrap for packaging orders and for sensitive items like electronics they use bubble wrap along with other standard packaging materials.

You can track delivery of your order anytime in the “Track order” option present in the top of the page. Enter your tracking ID that is already provided to you while your order was placed and you can track delivery of your order.

There are no hidden costs present in Mepstock. In some cases you might have to pay for delivery charges and this is not hidden cost. This delivery charges may apply because of Seller delivery policy or your order delivery location.

If you feel like the order was opened/tampered before it came to you than please don’t receive the order. Cancel the order in “My Order” option stating the reason why you are cancelling and we will confirm your cancellation request.

Along with us, the courier representative will also try to contact you and if you are unable to receive the call than after 3-4 days the order will be automatically returned. If you want the product after the order is returned than contact us and we will try to get the order back to you.

Ask your family members, friends or neighbors whether they have received your package. If not than contact us and we will try to get the order back to you.

We will attempt for delivery many times. If not delivered than the order will be returned. If you have already paid for the order using online payment options than your payment will refunded to you within few days.

It will be great if you change your mind and decide not to replace your order. You can do it anytime before any courier representative pickups the package from you. If you think of getting the order back after the courier representative already took the package from you than contact us and we will try to get the order back to you.


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Contact Us

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Whatsapp number: +44-2081443870

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